Presio delivers: clean, dry and tested, leak-free assets ready to commission.

Inspection, Testing and Cleaning for process piping, pipelines, vessels, tanks, hoses and related assemblies.

Presio delivers to process intensive industries where asset reliability, safety and availability are essential.



Whether all or some of the capabilities we bring are needed, we are here to help your project deliver.

Presio expertise:

  • Hydrostatic and Pneumatic Pressure Testing.

  • PSV Testing, Calibration and Certification.

  • Process Piping Chemical Cleaning.

  • Line Flushing and Blowing.

  • Line Drying (desiccant and vacuum).

  • Complex geometry assembly cleaning.

  • Pipeline pigging.

  • Decommissioning.



Nitrogen purging, helium leak testing, cleaning services: lube-oil flushing, chemical cleaning, retro-jetting, high-velocity flushing; drying using air, nitrogen or vacuum processes.

Your pre-commissioning schedule drives our service to you.  Together we can design this as an integrated strategy that will optimise time, personnel and materials required and lower the overall cost to start-up. 

Presio: proudly Australian and privately owned based in Perth, W.A. and Brisbane, Queensland.

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Paul Newbound APTS Presio hydrostatic test leak test pressure test

Hi, I'm Paul Newbound.
Pre-Commissioning Problem Solver and       
Resident Pressure Testing Subject Matter Expert.

“As the founder and CEO at APTS my teams set the standard under my leadership for hydro-testing, pressure testing and cleaning. The performance, reliability and relationship you relied on and trusted then, you can now too with Presio”

Together we make a difference.

Expertise built on Experience to deliver Service.

Presio are all about service.

We care about your project. We care about your success. We care about service.

We keep our promises.

We thrive on cleaning, testing and pre-commissioning for pressure-bearing assets.

Your requirements and your expectations are our purpose.

That is why we build teams - together, to be your partner of choice.

Our success is impossible without your success.

We are outcomes driven, experienced with site developed expertise.

Hydrotest Pressure test Leak test pre-commissioning

The Presio Mission is to re-set 'the bar' in pressure testing capability, service and expertise to all process-intensive industries where asset compliance, reliability and safety are of primary concern.

The Presio Vision is to establish ongoing and robust strategic and collaborative partnerships with all customers, to practice the philosophy upon which Presio was founded in every aspect of how we do business.

The Presio Philosophy from where we draw our purpose and behaviours:

Outstanding service: Meet our customers expectations with open and pragmatic communication, deliver on time, on budget and to the plan. Then improve where we both see opportunity.

Benchmark capabilities: bring 'best-practice' and expertise to every aspect of how we work to deliver the required performance against all measures.

Exemplary outcomes in technical delivery, subject-matter-expertise and project schedules interfacing with all teams, contractors and individuals.

Care for the safety of people, environment and materials involved to protect the people we work with, the places we work and the assets we utilise.

Values integrity safety


Presio bring decades of proven exemplary outcomes on stand-alone and global mega-projects


Presio are here to work with you and make your project happen through open, honest and collaborative communication.


With shared understanding and experience we get the job done by working together to understand schedules, priorities and objectives.


Delivering on commitments that match your expectations.

Let's deliver, learn and improve together. That's where we know excellence happens.




Telephone: 1300 601 869



Thank you for your contact, we appreciate it and look forward to working with you.